Month: June 2017

Episode 2. Bruce Gherbetti

In Episode 2 we speak to Canadian Father Bruce Gherbetti about his 3 Daughters and the Japanese legal system.

Show schedule

First 7 Episodes of the show will be as follows. 18/6/17 Episode 1. What is an LBP? My story and show intro 25/6/17 Episode 2. Bruce Gherbetti. Canadian LBP. Founder of Kizuna 2/7/17 Episode 3. Eric Kalmus. U.S. LBP and […]

Where to listen.

Listen to the podcast on the following links RTI – 4am CET 1:00pm AEST Soundcloud (Available now);…/lbp-stories-podcast-episode-1-what… itunes (Available now);…/episode-1-what-is-a…/id1247858260 Stream on the webpage Now…/episodesepisode-1-what-is-an-l…/ 

Episode 1. What is an LBP?

Welcome to Episode 1. What is an LBP? In this introduction episode I will talk you through the meanings of the acronyms LBP and IPCA. I’ll also give a run down about the podcast and why I’m doing it as […]

Liam Shiratori Paul Brown

Paul’s son Liam was born October 19 2002. But was taken by his mother from Australia to Japan in 2005. Liam has been denied contact with his father ever since (despite numerous attempts by Paul). Constant denial of contact with […]