Show schedule

First 7 Episodes of the show will be as follows.

18/6/17 Episode 1. What is an LBP? My story and show intro
25/6/17 Episode 2. Bruce Gherbetti. Canadian LBP. Founder of Kizuna
2/7/17 Episode 3. Eric Kalmus. U.S. LBP and abducted child.
9/7/17 Episode 4. Alissa Zegaris (Hindle) U.S. LBP and co-founder of iStand.
16/7/17 Episode 5. Jefferey Morehouse. U.S. LBP Co-founder of BACHome
23/7/17 Episode 6. Paul Toland. U.S. Naval Officer and L.B.P. Co-founder of BACHome
30/7/17 Episode 7. Leo Zegaris. Abducted and recovered child

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  1. Hi Paul,
    I am the manager of the legal team at International Social Service Australia. We work exclusively on IPCA matters and are contracted by the Australian Government to run an IPCA advice line and assist left behind parents prepare their Hague applications. These are free services to the parents.

    I would be happy to provide legal input on your website regarding the Hague Child Abduction Convention.

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