++Bonus Episode++ My interview with ‘The Atheist Stories’ Podcast

Bonus Episode for podcast subscribers only.
Early last year I did an interview for the short lived “Atheist Stories Podcast”. It was the only episode broadcast so far. Although not strictly LBP related, I do go into detail about losing Liam and how the actions of his mother and her friends affected me, for better and for worse. And how I lost my faith in God and religion. As the show has not been made available for download, it’s creator Josh Brogan gave me permission to share it here. I know the subject matter will not be to the taste of all of my listeners but it’s a part of my story that I wanted to make available.
Strong language warning.

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  1. “Better without God?” The answer is a qualified “yes.” It’s qualified because there is no inevitability that humanists will come up with better policies. You may have noticed that in discussing the advantages of humanistic, secular reasoning, I emphasized that humanists can achieve a better understanding of the policies and practices that will lead to a better world. Whether they will or not depends on whether humanists, and secular thinkers in general, commit themselves to the use of critical thinking on matters of ethics and public policy. Some have abandoned religion only to embrace some secular dogma, some ism or ideology that they think will provide them with all the right answers. It’s always tempting to turn one’s thinking over to others; it’s a great time-saver. But that’s no way to achieve progress in ethics. We can make the world a better place, but whether we do so depends on us—that’s both the promise and the challenge of humanism”

  2. According to U.S. federal statistics from sources including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Census Bureau, children raised by single parents account for:
    63% of teen suicides;
    70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions;
    71% of high school drop-outs;
    75% of children in chemical abuse centers;
    85% of those in prison;
    85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders; and
    90% of homeless and runaway children.

  3. Inspirational. It is so hard to escape and belief and life style that you’ve lived for years. Thanks Paul. You present yourself as very knowledgeable and good humored about it all.

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