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Episode 9. Daniel Wass.

This week I talk to Australian LBP Daniel Wass about the abduction of his son Sean to Japan. We also discuss our disappointment with the in-action of the Australian government, Daniels epic 300km bike ride, the importance of friends and […]

Episode 8. James Brown

In a change from my usual LBP guest, today I’m talking to clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at The University of Southern Queensland, James Brown about depression. This show is not only about providing a forum for LBP’s to share their […]

Episode 7. Leo Zagaris

Episode 7. Leo Zagaris. This week we look at IPCA through the eyes of an abducted child. Leo Zagaris was taken by his father from the US to Greece. But after successful legal appeals was returned home to his mother […]

Episode 6. Paul Toland

On July 13th 2003, Erika Toland was abducted from her home at Negishi Navy Family Housing in Yokohama, Japan. She was abducted by her mother, Etsuko Toland, who subsequently died on October 31st, 2007. Since the death of her mother, […]

Episode 5. Jeffery Morehouse

In episode 5 of the show I talk to U.S. Father Jeffery Morehouse about his son Mochi, his work lobbying the U.S. Government for law changes and the BAC Home organisation. Kidnapped to Japan  

Episode 4. Alissa Zagaris

In Episode 4 of the show I talk to American LBP Alissa Zagaris about the abduction and subsequent return of her son Leo to and from Greece. We also talk of the work she has done in the U.S. lobbying […]

Episode 1. What is an LBP?

Welcome to Episode 1. What is an LBP? In this introduction episode I will talk you through the meanings of the acronyms LBP and IPCA. I’ll also give a run down about the podcast and why I’m doing it as […]