Episode 21. Lisa Kennedy

This week I talk to Lisa Kennedy, author of “No Going Back” about her book.
“During a routine family holiday to her husband s homeland of Turkey, Lisa Kennedy was suddenly told their marriage was over. Her husband took their six-month-old baby from her care and instructed her to go home to Australia, alone beginning four years of hell in Istanbul as she fought the case through both Turkish and International courts all the while battling people she once called family, now hell-bent on not letting her leave with her only son. Finally, with time against her and all faith lost in legal channels, Lisa realised she had only a mothers choice: she had to save her child and get back home by whatever means available. That meant calling on outside help and, to raise awareness about the frailties of international marriage and children, 60 Minutes agreed to film the plight. This is the heart-stopping story that is now unlikely ever be aired.”
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