Episode 28. Holiday Special

It’s the holiday season. And  no matter what your faith or culture is, it’s always a difficult time for LBP’s and alienated children. A time when the absence of those we love is more palpable. While other families take joy in each others company, for LBP’s it’s often depressing and lonely. With today being Christmas eve I thought it would be appropriate to do an episode where I have invited a number of LBP’s to share a message to their kids and other LBP’s at this difficult time. I’ve also included a number of songs that have touched me since my son was taken. So to all my listeners,supporters LBP’s alienated kids world wide, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ramadan, Merry Festivus, happy holidays, what ever it may be, you are not alone. May this be the last year you are separated from each other. Never, give, up.

Guests: Shelli Littleton, Brian Prager, Jeffery Morehouse, John LaDue, James Cook, Randy Collins, Alf Frisso, Jolly Bimbachi, Daniel Wass.
Music credit: Theme Song “One Percent” Written and performed by Paul Brown. “Snow in Las Angeles” Written and performed by Dead Sara.
“Shine on you crazy diamond. Parts 1-3” Written and performed by Pink Floyd. “Come Back” Written and performed by Pearl Jam.”Make it end” Written  and performed by Baby Animals. “The Promise” Written and Performed by Chris Cornell. “Come Back” Written and performed by Foo Fighters. “Lightning Crashes” Written and performed by Live. “Invincible” Written and performed by Muse. “Fall to Pieces” Written and performed by Velvet Revolver.  “Wish you were here” Written and  performed by Pink Floyd.

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  1. Virginia’s new law requires the court to formally consider joint/shared custody on par with sole custody. While some might argue that Virginia’s statutes already allow for such a consideration, the truth is that approximately 85% of the time, sole or primary custody is still awarded. Unfortunately, children in sole custody arrangements are exposed to a multitude of risks, such as teen suicide, school dropouts, and behavioral disorders. Approximately 60 studies from numerous states and countries, and spanning several decades, have shown that on every metric of well-being, children do better in shared parenting situations than in sole custody situations

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