Episode 3. “Eric”

In This episode I talk to Eric about his journey from being an abducted child, to an LBP to a children/parents rights advocate.


2 Replies to “Episode 3. “Eric””

  1. Thanks Eric for helping me understand the Japanese system and why it is so difficult to be reunited with my grandson when he is no longer considered to be part of our family.
    I’m Paul’s mum and it has been so traumatic since Liam was abducted. We have learned to live with it but hope one day Liam will want to find us.

    • I remember the first day I met Paul, just shortly after Liam’s abduction. I’ve followed the case closely and think the world of your son Brenda. I hope more than anything that one day your grandson, and the rest of our kids will be able to get past the issues created by this horrible tragedy.

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