Episode 30. Alissa and Leo Zagaris.

A few weeks ago I did a two part episode entitled ‘LBP’s Go to Washington’ that covered a conference of LBP’s at the Helsinki Commission. In preparation for that episode I interviewed three of the participants, Jeffery Morehouse, and Alissa and Leo Zagaris. Unfortunately, due to computer issues I lost the recording of Alissa and Leo so I was unable to feature them. But I recently found the recording in my back up-back up files, and felt what they said was still worthy of being broadcast.

Alissa and Leo have been on the show before, in episodes 4 and 7 respectively, so listen to them if you missed them. But in this episode we talk about their activism in the LBP/child alienation movement and what they are currently doing to help those affected.

I also give a shout out to my eldest brother Tony, who has been alienated from his 3 girls for 4 years.

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