Episode 33. Alec Baldwin (sort of) and Me.

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, is possibly the most high profile Parental Alienation awareness advocate, having personally been alienated from his daughter Ireland. I doubt I’ll ever be able to actually be able to interview him for my show, but I still felt there was benefit in sharing his message.
So this week I share audio of an interview he did on ‘Larry King Live’ in 2009, along with Micheal McCormack and Mark Tabb. After playing the interview, I dissect what they discuss and share my own thoughts. And of course I have links to sources to back up what we say.

Watch the interview here –

Buy Alec’s book –

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome? –

Benefits of shared parenting –

After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health and development

Flaws with the family court system –

Are Dad’s really treated fairly by the family courts?

Effects of children growing up without a father –

Children of same sex couples –

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15 Replies to “Episode 33. Alec Baldwin (sort of) and Me.”

  1. Great article by Molly S. Castletoe
    “PAS is motivated by a combination of personal rage and poor interpersonal boundaries. The alienating parent has narcissistic personality characteristics and he or she cannot tell the difference between what they want and what the child needs. The ex-spouse holds onto the failed marriage through hate, blame, and relentless attempts at control. Warshak notes that a child may become allied with one parent for various reasons: out of intimidation, fear of punishment, or even out of loyalty to a parent who seems emotionally fragile.”

  2. Alienation is a defence mechanism which is activated in the child when pressure is placed upon them in the post separation landscape. It is an act of self protection in the child and is triggered when the pressure reaches the tipping point beyond which the child utilises the division of their feelings into all good and all bad as a coping mechanism.

    When the coping mechanism is activated, the child cannot voluntarily drop the defence of splitting the world into good and bad and efforts to make the child do so, will only make things much worse. In the world in which most court professionals work, the voice, (rather than the well being) of the child is paramount and in the environment in which women and children must always be believed (which pervades the family court system in the UK at least), what the child says is almost always regarded as the truth.

  3. Video from Air 4 showed a heavy police presence at Northeast 63rd Street and 15th Avenue Northeast in North Seattle Wednesday afternoon where several police vehicles rammed a silver Mercedesrt. Video also showed police pulling out a man who was wearing clothes matching the description of their suspect and eventually comforting a young boy who was in the vehicle. Police later confirmed that the man was the suspect, and the boy was the abducted child.

  4. “I am not telling my story for sympathy; I am talking about what I went through to educate people about how parental alienation can affect your child’s whole life. Using your child to hurt your ex could easily set the child on the path of negativity, depression, anxiety, feeling worthless and unloved … is this really what you want for a child?”

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