Episode 34. Barbie Hise

One year ago this week, Barbie Hise’s life changed, when her son Zander was abducted by his father to Malta. Barbie then fought and lobbied for her son’s return, and now campaigns to try to raise awareness and prevent further children being abducted.

I also discuss suicide rates in Australia. Is it true that 21 fathers a week take their own lives? There’s more to this than just numbers.

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  1. The 2018 International Parents Conference & Embassy Walk harnesses the power of love and collective action to empower parents of children who are internationally abducted or wrongfully retained. Now in its fifth year, the Conference is the premiere annual gathering of parents and families of abducted children.
    Parents engage with each other, members of Congress, federal agency officials, diplomats, NGOs and other key stakeholders to prevent and end International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) and to bring children home.

  2. This is a new campaign organisation that has just launched in the UK. Hopefully we can begin making some real progress fighting against parental alienation and a system that is not fit for purpose here in the UK.
    With new organisations like this popping up and professional psychology finally beginning to wake up, it really does feel like things are moving in the right direction.

  3. Join us for three days of ideas, advocacy and action as we:

    Shine the Light for parents and families to illuminate ideas and strategies to return parentally-kidnapped children

    Shine the Light for at-risk parents and families to prevent their children from being taken

    Shine the Light on abductors exposing schemes and patterns of deception

    Shine the Light on institutions such as Congress, the Executive Branch and the Courts to act and support parents

    Shine the Light on nations to hold them accountable to return America’s Stolen Children

  4. A must see video clip…
    in support of our #iStand board member Stan Hunkovic and his children Lighting the Way for Gabriel and Anastasia Hunkovic.

    His children held hostage as “wards of state” in Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, when their father has legal sole custody here in the United States.

    With Congressman Rep. Andy Harris, M.D….

  5. This brief video explains the challenges parents experience when fighting for the return of their internationally-kidnapped children and invites parents and advocates to attend iStand 2018: Shining the Light to Bring Them Home, the 5th annual International Parents Conference & Embassy Walk, My 23-25, 2018 in Washington DC. #iStandUntilAllChildrenComeHome

  6. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction or Hague Abduction Convention is a multilateral treaty developed by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) that provides an expeditious method to return a child internationally abducted by a parent from one member country to another.

    The Convention was concluded 25 October 1980 and entered into force between the signatories on 1 December 1983. The Convention was drafted to ensure the prompt return of children who have been abducted from their country of habitual residence or wrongfully retained in a contracting state not their country of habitual residence.

  7. Congratulations “Na Rukengey” with 110,278 views and the introduction of Daksh Records.

    Which surpasses anything media-wise ever produced for Americas Stolen children……. with Nidhi Sharma Samina Rahman Kiran Sanjeeva Fight Ipca I STAND Parent Network Inc.

    “We Won’t Stop”

    Sometimes unspoken words, untold stories of pain and separation of your loved ones, embarks you on a journey you never thought of.

    Today I proudly share with you the joy of establishing Daksh Records, a record label I started for and because of my little love, my son, my Dakshi Mano, as an avenue to open the doors to many hearts by entering Punjabi music industry with its first commercial project. Will be publishing the poster of the project later tonight. A huge thanks to Dr Samina Rahman for producing the track in Collaboration with Daksh Records. Your energy brings me hope and boost to work harder. I appreciate your efforts Samina!
    Please like and share “Daksh Records” and keep blessing it since it is my way of telling my son how much I love him. His love has lead me to create something beautiful for generations to come and even beautiful, that I share this gift with you.

    Nidhi Sharma

    Shining The Light To Bring Them Home!

  8. Shared physical custody, more commonly referred to as shared parenting
    or shared care, is the parenting arrangement in which children live nearly
    equally with each parent after their separation. As fathers have become more
    heavily involved in their children’s lives and as more mothers have resumed
    working full time in the children’s preschool years, shared parenting has
    become more common worldwide. The majority of children still live with
    their mother and spend no more than every other weekend and perhaps
    a midweek evening visit with their father. But a change is clearly underway.

  9. The 95 percent of kidnappings are committed by parents or other relatives and/or corrupt attorneys, and public officials in the family courts, or child “protection”, forced adoption and juvenile justice systems.

    There is currently nothing a “left behind parent” can do to prevent their child from being kidnapped, and even less that can be done to secure the prompt return of a kidnapped child

  10. Long time listener, first time commenter. Thank you Paul for the work you do on this show. My brother was alienated from his children and it has been so devastating for us all. So happy for you Barbie for being reunited with your son.

  11. I’m so glad you were able to be reunited with your son Barbie. We don’t hear enough success stories, God bless you both

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