Episode 35. Michelle Littleton


Michelle Littleton’s three children, ages 6, 13, 14, were taken to Lebanon by their father on Jan. 4, 2017. The father, Mazen Fawzi Matar, has refused to return the children, despite a federal kidnapping charge and a demand to return order from the Orange Co. Superior Court. Michelle hired an attorney in Lebanon, and has won two court judgement’s in favor of the children’s concern. Notably, the December 26, 2017 ruling in Sharia law court also affirmed the mother’s full custody status and the children’s return to America will need to be won in the Lebanese Civil court proceedings coming up. Michelle has also been campaigning in the U.S. and has met with many politicians calling for law reform and assistance.

******UPDATE. Since recording this episode, just 2 days before it aired, Michelle was able to talk to her children on the phone for the first time*********

Also, should LBP’s just be grateful that they had kids and just ‘buck up and move on’? This was a comment that was made to me on my Facebook page during the week that I wanted to address.

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  1. “Every year, 600-800 more children are abducted by a parent from the United States. Every year, less than 20% come home. The Goldman Act requires the State Department to disclose the abduction records of countries that fail to return American children. The resulting report recognizes the suffering of American families, puts pressure on recalcitrant countries to cooperate, and prevents future abductions by warning family court judges which countries are unsafe. Accurate reporting is one of our best tools to prevent and resolve international parental child abduction – and yet the report leaves children behind, especially in Japan. This hearing will focus on ways that the State Department can more effectively use the annual Goldman Act Report to leave no child behind.”

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