Episode 41. Australian Family Law Reform.

Introduction Audio Mayim Bialik

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has released an Issues Paper for its Review of the Family Law System, and is calling for submissions from the public. The family law system is undergoing its first, independent comprehensive review since the inception of the Family Law Act 1975 more than forty years ago. Much has changed in Australian social and family life since then. For example, there are more people living together outside marriage, there are more changes in relationships and stepfamilies, reproductive technologies mean families can be formed in diverse ways, same-sex marriage is now legalised, and there is greater awareness of the prevalence of family violence and child abuse and the damage they can cause.

In this episode I discuss the Issues paper and it’s content relating to IPCA and PA. And add my thoughts. This episode is a call to action for all Australians who have recently gone through the Family Courts to have their voices heard and make a difference. The time for a fairer legal system for children and parents is now.

Read the paper –

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