Episode 42. Andrew John Teague

This week I talk to Parental Alienation campaigner Andrew John Teague. A left behind parent himself, Andrew has done some amazing work in the U.K. raising awareness of P.A., through organisastions D.A.D.D.S (Dads Against Double Standards) and N.A.A.P. (National Association of Alienated Parents). He’s also campaigned through “Walk for Change” and “Shirt off their backs”. In this episode we talk about his work and organisations, as well as the N.A.A.P. Report “Parental Alienation in the U.K.”


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  1. A heartbroken dad-of-six who has not seen his two daughters for three months is pinning yellow ribbons to trees and lampposts across Hull to show them he still loves them.

    The 32-year-old, who cannot be named, is trying to go through the family courts to gain visiting rights to see his children aged eight and 11.

    He has not seen them after being reprimanded by the police for using abusive language towards his ex-wife and her boyfriend when his children were in the house.

    Since then, the dad has not been allowed anywhere near his daughters. He says he still writes to them every week but not seeing them has caused him to become miserable and despressed.

  2. OK members (IMPORTANT NEWS..PLEASE READ) here at DADS we have recently been given permission from the London metropolitan police to hold a march / protest against parental alienation. The march will take place early next year in London. We will be marching from the Royal courts of Justice down to number 10 Downing street where we will be delivering a copy of the NAAP report.
    Ive set up this poll as we need to give the police an estimate of numbers attending, it would be useful to get an idea of people that are interested or able to attend. Please could you complete and share this as we need as many of you as possible attending to effect change and be heard

  3. I believe the root of domestic violence is narcissism, and until society as a whole understands and heals this malignancy every part of our world suffers. What takes place in the world starts within the home.

    ~ Melanie Tonia Evans

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