Episode 43. P.A. in the U.K.

This week I focus on the Parental Alienation situation  in the U.K. and dissect the recently released NAAP Report into Parental Alienation in the UK. Which is the most well researched and compiled report I have seen anywhere. I also feature Leigh G. Banks interview with Rodney Hearth (used with permission)

Read the full 178 page report yourself here
For more info on NAAP
For more of Leigh G. Banks work
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4 Replies to “Episode 43. P.A. in the U.K.”

  1. The FAMILY COURT BENCH BOOK was published by the Judicial College on the 1st of January 2018; a bank holiday when checking the news feeds would not have been at the top of the ‘to do’ list for most of us and the day of the year when many would have been nursing hangovers or in my case keeping warm and nursing a dose of flu. NOTE: Just google the title if there are problems with the link.[ 38 more words ]…/family-court-bench-book-jan-…

  2. Americans are all children of immigrants, Trump’s immigration policies have awakened the public and started the national conversation about how children and families are harmed when they are separated by American politics and legal systems.

    As mainstream media and private charities focus on 2300 children of illegal immigrant families, an estimated million children have been wrongly placed in the custody of abusive parents, foster care, or left out on the streets. These children walk among us everyday and suffer in silence. Teachers don;t know. Families don;t know and our children are at serious risk when our own legal system separates children from parents with no credible history of violence of abuse.

  3. Thank you for this episode. The UK has really dragged it’s feet on this issue for a long time. It’s great to see people like Leigh, NAAP and DADDS pushing this and drawing attention to it. Our courts need reform desperately.

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