Episode 44. Child Social Services Worker Alex Baxter.

Child social service workers are often disliked by divorced parents and organisations, especially when court proceedings are involved. But it’s a very difficult and high stress job. Making decisions that affect people’s lives, where no matter what you do someone is bound to hate you for it. So how do they make their decisions? What sort of evidence do they need? And are they aware of Parental Alienation syndrome, or even trained to deal with PAS? This week I address some of these questions with child social services worker Alex Baxter. Some may see this as speaking to someone ‘on the other side’, but Alex share’s some important insight into her profession, why she does it, and even some advice for parents going through the court system. And I think I ask her questions that many parents would like to know the answers to.

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One Reply to “Episode 44. Child Social Services Worker Alex Baxter.”

  1. Thanks Alex. Thanks Paul. This helps me understand what you have to do Alex. The alienated parent is often full of anger, being denied their rights to spend time with their child, especially if false claims have been made and are the reason a parent is denied custody. A custodial parent as you say does not get reprimanded if he/she denies access to the other parent, going against court orders (that happened to my son who had trouble every time he went to pick up his little son). And yet, if the alienated parent ‘runs off’ with the child, he/she is soon brought to task and is looked upon as a criminal. I’ve also been the paternal grandparent who has been denied access to grandchildren because of the mother, yet the maternal grandparents continue to have a relationship with the children. So much needs to change. I’m so glad that you do look for signs of the child being groomed to turn against one parent, but sad that there is no training in this area. Keep up the good work. I can see why you do what you do Alex, I couldn’t ! And Paul, keep up your good work.

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