Episode 46. Anxiety and Mental Health with James Brown.

In Episode 8 of this show I spoke to Clinical Psychologist James Brown about depression. Obviously the issue of mental health is something my listeners and LBP’s care about, because to date it has been my most down  loaded episode. So I got James back to talk about another mental health issue that affects many parents and children going through divorce and separation. Anxiety.
For more information on James, his work and support for dealing with mental health please go to the following links…uicide-support/
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10 Replies to “Episode 46. Anxiety and Mental Health with James Brown.”

  1. Another great article from James

    Over the last few decades, Western societal views on fatherhood have shifted from favoring a more emotionally detached, authoritarian figure, to one whose role is more involved in the nurturing of children. Society now expects the modern father to be more caring and emotionally available to his children.

  2. Decades of laboratory studies, observations in naturalistic settings, surveys, and self-reports, have lead psychological research to this embarrassingly simple scientific discovery – quality time matters. “Quality time is to mental health what clean water is to physical health” (Lee, 2010). It seems that quality time is the most beneficial ailment for wounded relationships, hurt feelings, and personal distress. Quality time given to our loved ones heals wounded hearts, repairs broken ties, and replenishes the soul. For both family and intimate relationships, it is often the common factor in both the deterioration in relationships, and in their restoration. In my couples counselling experience, it is often the starting point of our work together. When couples are willing to just be in each others presence and spend time nurturing their friendship base, the relationship starts to show better promise of recovery.

  3. 21 days to happiness!’ ‘30 days to a happier family!’ ‘12 weeks to a better you’. Wow these are big promises, and will probably sell books! But as the saying goes, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. While parenting self-help authors are well meaning in offering their wisdom and expertise, and certainly most suggestions are well intended, I am concerned by this ever increasing expectation that we need to somehow be ‘happier’, and that if family life is not ‘all peaches and cream’ there is something wrong with us. Reading things that give the false hope of some kind of family utopia, is more likely to elicit unhealthy perfectionism, anxiety and guilt. We will drop our kids off at school and see other families seemingly doing things with ease, thinking that we must be doing something wrong. The truth is, behind the public façade that we all try to maintain, everyone struggles. Family life can be tough.

  4. THIS JUST CRACKS ME UP COMPLETELY… I venture to post my “Dear Minister…..” note on every government post proclaiming to protect our children… every day for as long as it takes for us to be heard!

    “Dear Mr. President, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Minister of Police, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Home Affairs, Church Leaders and any other authorities involved in matters of divorce, parenting and children, your house is in shambles, your parents and the future of any country, race or nation, i. e. The Children of South Africa is literally and figuratively being killed by your Legal System, unethical practitioners malpracticing Laws that was proclamated and amended in your parliament.

    We the alienated parents are being bullied and ignored, erased out of our children’s lives, disregarded to benefit from the Human Rights Act as well as robbed from the Constitutional Rights your country uphold to benefit and apply to all South African Citizens. With the system allowing this to continue, the same malpractice is exerted on our children and their extended families.

    Mr. President, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Minister of Police, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Home Affairs, Church Leaders and any other authorities involved in matters of divorce, parenting and children, can you appreciate the fact that we the alienated parents demand to be heard on the matter of Parental Alienation. I may be 1 South African citizen, a mother and step-mother writing this, but i assure you we come in numbers, from all walks of life, residing in every possible corner of your country.

    Please hear our plea!”

  5. A child is born innocent and full of love, they do not know hatred or sadness. These things are taught to them. The first voice a child hears is its mother’s, inside the womb – the bond is so strong the child will believe anything its mother says.

    And this is how a child can be so easily manipulated. The one person you do not expect to hurt you is your mother.

    So, because I loved my dad, looked like my dad and maybe reminded my mum of my dad and refused to call another man dad meant that I felt I was being treated differently to my siblings.

  6. Thanks for doing episodes like this Paul. Mental health is still so stigmatized it’s important to normalize it and help people who suffer from it.

  7. I will immediately grab your rss as I can not find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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