Episode 47 Alf Friiso.

Alf Friiso is a Norwegian/American and father. In 2013 Alf’s son was taken by his mother from Norway to her home country of Nicaragua starting a heart wrenching, and legally complicated ordeal for Alf as he tries to be reunited with  his son.

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  1. As shared parenting has been recognized by the research community, as well as by legal and mental health practitioners, as a viable post-divorce parenting arrangement that is optimal to child development and well-being, there is consensus that both the legal and psycho-social implementation of shared parenting as a presumption should proceed without delay, with the full sanction and support of professional bodies and associations.

  2. Why Do I Receive a Hateful Response to my Drip of Love?

    I know how devastating it is to receive vile texts from my children in response to my lovely texts.

    I also know how mine and every single child who is reunited says something along the lines of “I’m sorry for not giving you a chance when you have been so lovely to me.”

    Do you know now I smile a knowing smile when I read these vile messages from your alienated children?

    I’ve seen so many of your children’s hateful messages and dealt with many distraught parents.

    I don’t read the vileness all I see between the words Is the pain and a hurting child.

    The drip of love you sent horribly trigger your child’s cognitive dissonance.

    The strong belief from the alienator that you don’t love them and then here is this evidence to suggest you do.

    This does not fit with what the alienator is saying.

    Dealing with this conflict causes pain for your child.

    So there is no other initial way for them to respond to this except anger or silence.

    If you get an angry response it doesn’t matter, for an alienated child it’s a response.

    You are winning even if your feel you are losing.

    Think of alienation like an onion.

    The first layer is anger so the initial response from your child is “back off, you don’t love me” and under that layer is the hurt and grief pain and the guilt at the way they are treating you.

    Do not respond to nasty words let them process your kind ones.

    When I say let them process I mean leave them now for a few weeks at least.

    You’ve got to learn to roll with the gut punches.

    Step away and take good care of you and lick your wounds for now.

    Self care is so important on this roller coaster!

    It’s imperative we get off stretch our legs at the beach and savour an icecream before we get back on this ride!

    Then in a few weeks once you are ready once again, you try and send another drip of love with little expectation.

    Keep dripping love alongside the poison and once we reach the therapeutic dose of drips of love the whole game changes!

    Tammy Mariposa

  3. A federal judge in Houston has affirmed a jury’s guilty verdict last month for a Brazilian couple tried on allegations that they helped their daughter in the international kidnapping of their 8-year-old grandson, in a case that garnered widespread attention from top officials in two countries.

    Following the guilty verdict, defense lawyers had asked the judge to reconsider the verdict.

    U.S. District Judge Alfred Bennett ruled Monday that a reasonable juror could have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt the husband and wife helped kidnap their grandson.

    A reasonable juror, he said, could also have concluded based on the majority of the evidence that their daughter, codefendant Marcelle Guimaraes, was not fleeing a pattern or incident of domestic violence when she left Houston with the boy in 2013 and settled in Brazil. This so-called “affirmative defense” — that they had reason to believe she was in danger — could have effectively canceled out the kidnapping charges against them, which is what defense lawyers had asked the judge to do.

  4. The State Department on Wednesday released its Annual Report on International Parental Child Abduction—by a law Smith authored in 2014—the Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act (P.L. 113-150). The report listed Japan as “non-compliant” with their duties under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

  5. Return Us Home is established to educate the public and public servants about Parental Child Abduction (PCA) and its prevention. We are committed to supporting families affected by this crime, through research, education and advocacy.

  6. As we dig deeper, alerted to the existence of psychological splitting by the child’s display of the signs of alienation, we encounter along the way those behavioural clues which tell us that a case of a child’s rejection may be a pure case of alienation in which the child has entered into a shared delusional mindset with the parent they are aligned to. In such circumstances, which are in my experience, far less common than some would lead you to believe, the child will behave in a particular way. Understanding how a child in shared psychotic delusion (sometimes called folie a deux ) lies is part of our differentiation of a case of parental alienation. When shared psychotic delusion is seen, this is the situation where immediate removal from the parent with whom the delusion is shared is the answer.

  7. We all have met evil people in fairy tales. But do they really exist? Yes, they do in many forms. Unlike in fairy-tales they don’t have any ugly faces or huge bodies; so that we cannot identify them at the first glance. I never recommend you to deal with such a person hence his abusive actions could even ruin your entire life.

    The best option is to stay away from them. But how can you recognize them?

    Below are the 10 signs of an evil person.

  8. The 100 Men March aims to promote the centrality of the role of men in preventing violence against women and children. The campaign also aims to galvanise men across all sectors of society to respond to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “send me” call by committing themselves to play their part in ending violence and abuse.

    Take a stand and Stop Violence Against Women and Children

  9. Best of luck to you Alf. Your story is so similar to mine. Thanks for being brave enough to share it.

  10. Did you see the footage of that Twat from ‘Fathers For Justice’ on a UK morning show with his ‘balls’ stunt. Set our movement back years I reckon. Thank you Paul for supplying something positive for us to focus on. We need more like you.

  11. Best of luck to you Alf, I admire the way you are handling this difficult situation. Paul, thank you for the work you do on this show. It is so helpful for us all. Never give up

  12. I thought I knew children and young people quite well. After all, I had three of my own and I had worked with them for 10 years; I understood child and adolescent behaviour didn’t I? So challenged was I by the behaviours I had observed, that I sought to gain an informed understanding. This was when I came across ‘parental alienation’ (PA). The more I read, the more I understood, the greater my shame, guilt and sadness. Shame that I had usually taken what I saw before me at face value and not sought to look deeper; guilt that my ignorance had probably contributed to the alienation; sadness at the growing realisation that there was very little I could do to rectify the situation for this young girl and her dad. Witnessing the devastating repercussions on the lives of people I loved and cared about, motivated me to ‘do’ something. So began my research, my determination to raise awareness of PA and to develop resources and support where little existed – and my training as a counselling psychologist.

  13. I am an overnight truck driver in Slovakia and I hear your show early in the morning as I drive and listen to RTI. I am happily married and am happy to have a good relationship with my children, but I listen to this show and feel so much for all the people you talk to, I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to be seperated from your kids. I’ve been sharing the webpage with others, trying to help raise awareness. Thank you for being so brace with this issue

  14. What happens if you don’t pay child support? You get arrested.
    What happens if she doesn’t let you see the kids? Fucking nothing!

  15. I’m so sorry to hear your story Alf. You’re clearly a wonderful father. I hope you’ll be reunited soon.

  16. You usually leave links to the organisations your guest is associated with. Is Alf not working with anyone?

  17. Hello this is Paula, the lady in reference in this article. First off, there are two sides to every story. Because my son is right next to me as I type this and because I am fully aware that this is a very public forum, I will not say what I really should say in regards to such vicious lies, defamatory comments said about me without anybody once bothering to actually hear the other of the story. I will say though, that documents speak louder than any words, all records of all the trials here are public and anybody can come and see what really went on instead of only considering as absolute truth the hearsay spoken by an abusive despot of a man, who refuses to come and see his only son just to avoid paying child support. My son begged him last year in June when i was ill, to fly him over to Norway to spend the summer eith him. His so called father, REFUSED to do it because him and his new wife wanted to have a nice wedding and considered that having Henrik there, his onky son, would hamper their happiness. Alf kept coming up with excuses and would not answer Henriks calls and pleas until finally he came clean and told him that he had gotten married again and did not want him there. Yet the three grown children from his new wife were present and all of his family as well. Except his only son was absent not by choice. How do all of you think Henrik felt about this. And to add salt to injury, somebody on facebook sent Henrik the video of the wedding with a nasty little message. Alf does not see his son, because he does not see Henrik, not because he cant, but because he wont. I have never stopped him from being or seeing Henrik at all. That is a blatant lie. He likes to live in this fantasy world enjoying the attention it has brought him portraying himself as the victim. The real victim in all of this, is Henrik. After three years, he accepted Henriks begging to meet up anywhere in Latin America and he had first said yes to anywhere but Nicaragua, later, he changed his mind again until finally he accepted to meet up in Miami. So you know, he does not pay any child support, the judges here asked him to show his income tax return or his payslip in order to determine the correct amount of child support. This is a practice done world wide. He refused. I offered him to just pay for Henriks school and forget about everything else since I have always taken care of Henrik. I told him that at least he could pay for his school and that would be a great gift on his part. He refused. This is why he went to jail for two hours and managed to flee the country right after that. If you see the pictures, he has a mobile phone inside the jail. Anyways, there are so many misconceptions and lies being thrown about. I do know that there are women and men who abduct children from their homes and that is terrible. However, that is NOT THE case here. It takes away credibility to articles like these, when only one side is portrayed and the other side is completely ignored. It is called bias.

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