Episode 49. Michele Swensen

This week my guest is Michele Swensen, mother of 3 children being held by their Father, a member of Al Qaeda, in Yemen. We talk of the events leading to her children being taken and her brave attempt to rescue them. She also written 2 books about her story “Straight of Tears” and “Mommy Don’t”

I also discuss up coming event’s in the U.S. and the recent U.S. Senate Judicial hearing into international parental child abduction. And previous show guest John LaDue’s up coming movie.

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U.S. Senate Judiciary hearing


3 Replies to “Episode 49. Michele Swensen”

  1. Experiencing trauma has significant implications for mental health. We’ve known this for some time but particularly since the early 1970s after observing and studying the effects of war on American servicemen in Vietnam. More recently, research has shown that experiencing trauma early in childhood has a significant impact on the development of the brain and the way it works.

  2. The emergence of shared parenting as a women’s rights issue is no great surprise, given the fact that in many countries, a paternal preference continues to dominate in judicial child custody decision-making and results in many mothers becoming alienated from their children’s lives, and the fact that in some countries, children are still considered to be the “property” of fathers. In North America, we see increasing rates of primary residence determinations being made in favor of fathers in states where a maternal preference previously existed. It is now well-established that women are as much at risk of parental alienation as fathers, both in North America and abroad (Warshak, 2015).

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