Episode 50. Karen Gillmer

This week I talk to South African Left Behind mother Karen Gillmer, about how her daughter was taken from her by her ex-wife. Karen has not only battled in the courts to try to gain access to her biological daughter, but has also done so while battling a crippling health  condition. This is her story.

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5 Replies to “Episode 50. Karen Gillmer”

  1. Yesterday I found this in my box of memories… the last gift I got from my daughter Jemma before I was erased from her life… a charm bracelet with the “Armour of God”… At the time of receiving this gift I was already so filled with anger, resentment, non – accepting and ignorant of God’s calling in my life…

    Today I can say that the traumatic experience of Parental Alienation and International Parental Child Abduction, has altered my way of thinking and absurd as it may sound this path has turned out to come with many blessings in the end, despite the overwhelming feeling of mourning the loss of a child that is still alive…

    When she was only 5, shortly after the divorce started we would discuss the very protection and unconditional love God has for us… was that the reason she chose this gift for me? Today I believe it was… in prayer this morning I sent this protection she obviously at the vulnerable age of 7 (she is now 11) felt her mommy needed, back to her, I know and believe she is Protected!

    In the past month I have received so many blessings, my eyes and ears open to my calling and His abundant blessings… I have my wonderful parents back in my life, thank you mom Tina Roets and dad, I now know that you have been hurting just as much as I did, I no longer have that overwhelming feeling of anger and resentment, I have learnt to apologise and accept… to forgive… to let go and let God! To trust in His plan for my life and not force my own will… I have learnt to Love again and have been blessed by receiving Love in abundance! Thank you for Thy blessings!

    It is impossible to tag everyone that has touched my life because there are so many and I am grateful to everyone!

    I therefore mention and tag only the following persons, and for very personal reasons… my mentoring team Errol Goetsch and Lorraine Goetsch the two of you are special in so many ways, a blessing and a gift in my life, Errol your wake – up call that felt harsh at the time has been a life saving conversation…

    Ettienne Booyse , “Vir jou Alleen”… lol (for the rest of you it is a personal joke)… Ai dankie !!!… there is simply too much to type, you have taught me much… you have showed me life… experiences “Wat geld nie kan koop nie en woorde nie sê nie”… the road to here has been tough however rewarding on so many levels… our path together has lead us to a beautiful place of forgiveness and ongoing support… we will make it through… my extended family in Pretoria, Francois Booyse, Ma Erika, Benita Fourie, Deon Fourie, Eugene Booyse, Merida Botha… thank you for just loving me…

    Johan Pelser and Hester Volbloed Vd Merwe thank you for being such a important part of my struggle and rise… the two of you remain forever bound in my heart… JP Verster, your advice has been invaluable since 1994, you have never judged and you have been a constant support for so many years, thank you!!!… last but not least I wish to mention some of Jemma’s all time favourites and long haulers in my life, thank you for the support and love you showed Jemma whilst she was still in my care and caught up in a High Conflict Divorce… Riaan Horn, Anelise Van den Heever, Laetitia Wolhuter Kenny and Oom Mike, Nicole Passmoor De Montille, the mother of Jemma’s “bestie” in Pre-Scool, Erin you were so special to Jemma and thank you for being her friend …

    Elsie Cary who saved my life on 3 occasions with home nursing and our eager assistant Mathys Frederik Erasmus dankie julle!!!

    I love all of you in a unique and special way!

    “Wherever there is darkness be the light!!!” Will be my life long confession… Thank you God for your grace and unfailing love and protection!

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