Episode 54. Errol Goetsch

Errol Goetsch is a South African Parental Alienation awareness campaigner. As a Left Behind Parent himself, he has become the go-to man for parents in South Africa for legal help, advice and support. In this episode we share his story, his work and discuss what he calls “The Windmill”

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  1. Contrary to the views of many professionals, when parents are asked about the essential needs of their children during and after parental separation, children’s emotional, psychological, social, moral and spiritual needs are seen to be of paramount importance. But what exactly are these “metaphysical” needs? Can we enumerate these needs and thereby establish a more precise definition of the “best interests of the child”?


    Divorced or divorcing and
    – spending R10 000s, R100 000s or R1000 000s?
    – denied contact with your child?
    – facing a protection order, bad report or criminal charge?
    – having your contact supervised?
    – being refused a parenting plan?
    – facing false accusations and hostile courts?
    – struggling with the Family Advocate?
    – trying to mediate but s/he won’t cooperate?
    – wanting a family to reconcile and not fight?
    – struggling to get a good parenting plan?

    Causes – Lawyers
    Lawyers make money out of accusations, conflict and litigation. They advise / promote aggression. They sell a black-market product called “the windmill”. It is destructive, expensive and violent. It is common because it fools the courts and makes money. It costs you your child, family, friends, house, job, income (and worse). It is illegal. It breaches the Children’s Act. Your own lawyer will not tell you or stop it. S/he also makes money out of it.

    Cures – 2 day divorce workshop
    – Are you at risk of the windmillTM?
    – What personality disorders are triggered by divorce
    – Why lawyers are dangerous, unlawful and unnecessary
    – How to stop spending and get your money back
    – What dirty tricks and names to watch out for
    – How to spot and stop the windmillTM
    – How to use mediators and follow the Children’s Act
    – How to divorce safely and for free (no lawyers)
    – How to report misconduct and counter false accusations
    – How to protect you and your child in the divorce

    For counsellors, mediators, parents, imams, pastors, priests, rabbis, social workers, psychologists

    Presented by Errol Goetsch – SA’s first and only whistleblower on dirty tricks in divorces – and the JRC – a child protection organisation

    Register for
    JOHANNESBURG – June 21 – 22
    PRETORIA – June 23 – 24

  3. THIS JUST CRACKS ME UP COMPLETELY… I venture to post my “Dear Minister…..” note on every government post proclaiming to protect our children… every day for as long as it takes for us to be heard!

    “Dear Mr. President, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Minister of Police, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Home Affairs, Church Leaders and any other authorities involved in matters of divorce, parenting and children, your house is in shambles, your parents and the future of any country, race or nation, i. e. The Children of South Africa is literally and figuratively being killed by your Legal System, unethical practitioners malpracticing Laws that was proclamated and amended in your parliament.

    We the alienated parents are being bullied and ignored, erased out of our children’s lives, disregarded to benefit from the Human Rights Act as well as robbed from the Constitutional Rights your country uphold to benefit and apply to all South African Citizens. With the system allowing this to continue, the same malpractice is exerted on our children and their extended families.

    Mr. President, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Minister of Police, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Home Affairs, Church Leaders and any other authorities involved in matters of divorce, parenting and children, can you appreciate the fact that we the alienated parents demand to be heard on the matter of Parental Alienation. I may be 1 South African citizen, a mother and step-mother writing this, but i assure you we come in numbers, from all walks of life, residing in every possible corner of your country.

    Please hear our plea!”

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  5. Prevent child abduction and work to ensure abducted children are repatriated.
    Approximately 500 cases of International Parental Child Abduction take place each year (that equates to ten a week) – these are figures from the FCO. Exit controls at the border were abolished in 1998, so court orders, alerts and other safeguards to prevent abduction cannot be effectively enforced.

    More details
    The Government must raise awareness of the problem with public
    authorities so that they can formulate more effective preventative

    The Government must introduce a fully funded team dedicated to liaising with foreign Governments and fund legal action abroad to ensure that children are repatriated to the UK. The Government must implement the recommendations of the Law Commission to reform of sections 1 and 2 of the Child Abduction Act 1984.

  6. Parental Alienation Solutions & Strategies is a forum for pooling concepts, methodologies and ideas for resolution of families in distress caused by Parental Alienation Syndrome. It relies on the conception that effective, viable solutions for dissolution of child alienation is an idea whose time has, at last, arrived.
    We look forward to the assemblage of everything and anything that could be safely tested in case situations of this scourge on family break-ups.
    We look forward to hope, progress and children’s laughter.

  7. Despite advances in recognizing fathers’ fundamental rights to be equally involved in their children’s lives, the problem of not implementing that right continues within the legal system. At the same time, there’s a growing awareness that relegating one parent, whether father or mother, to second-class citizen parent status is not in the best interests of the child, when neither parent is actually abusive. There is a growing understanding that, post-separation, children need both parents to be fully present in their lives for optimal wholeness.

  8. More than twenty years ago the late author and renowned child psychiatrist Richard A. Gardner coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome. He used this term to characterise the breakdown of what was previously normal and healthy parent-child relationships during divorce and child custody cases.

    The definition of parental alienation according to Gardner is simple. One parent (in most cases the resident parent) deliberately damages, and in some cases destroys the previously healthy loving relationship between the child and the child’s other parent (the non-resident parent).

  9. For the uninitiated, parental alienation is a set of abusive behaviours; whereby one parent (in most cases the resident parent) attempts to damage, and in some cases destroy the previously healthy loving relationship between the child and the child’s other parent (the non-resident parent). This damage can be intentional or unintentional on the part of the alienating parent. And it is factors such as this that aids professionals that understand parental alienation how to classify it.

  10. The 100 Men March aims to promote the centrality of the role of men in preventing violence against women and children. The campaign also aims to galvanise men across all sectors of society to respond to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “send me” call by committing themselves to play their part in ending violence and abuse.

    Take a stand and Stop Violence Against Women and Children

  11. A father who’s spent two decades riding around China looking for his kidnapped son has covered more miles than the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

    Guo Gangtang (48) started his journey 21 years ago in September 1997, when his then two-year-old son Guo Zhen was abducted while playing alone in front of their home in Litaitun village in Liaocheng city in East China’s Shandong Province.

    He’s since travelled to nearly 30 different Chinese provinces and regions searching for his firstborn.

    He’s broken 10 motorbikes and covered more than 400,000km in the process.

  12. When children are involved, there is a right way and a wrong way to break up. The right way costs less and is quick. It produces the best outcomes for the family. There are obstacles. Lawyers want litigation. Some personalities want conflict. They can trick social workers and psychologists into becoming hired guns. The courts and the Family Advocate do not put parents straight.

    This free training applies the Children’s Act to high-conflict situations and teaches you how to spot and stop the tricks and traps of nasty ex’s and dirty lawyers.

  13. I never realized how big this issue was in South Africa until I came across Errol and his work a year or so ago. Thanks for doing this interview. This was the first episode I’ve listened to, but I’ll be sure to continue listening.

  14. Errol is becoming something of a cult hero and go to guy in South Africa for all his work with raising awareness of parental alienation and the windmill. Keep going Errol, so many people appreciate your work.

  15. The South African family law system is such a fucking joke. Thanks Errol for fighting against it and trying to enact real change.

  16. You actually make it seem really easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I believe I might never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely vast for me. I am taking a look forward to your subsequent publish, I’ll try to get the cling of it!

  17. ‘I came from a divorced home and displayed all the behaviour of a young woman struggling to find an identity and seeking to fill the loneliness with anything I could.’

  18. An adult child of divorce shares the emotional process of parental alienation. He outlines the emotional journey and arriving at the point and reaching out to his father. This author describes the heart wrenching childhood memory of how his father was treated. This is a heartbreaking read with a happy ending. Perhaps this shows how a parent-child reunification is possible even after many years. This also reveals how the stories a child hears in childhood may not be the final chapter in the parent-child relationship book.

  19. How true this is. The Family Court system is a multi billion-dollar business. Too many parents liquidate accounts, sell their home and use savings account to fight the battle in the Family Court system. All of this money is spent in order to try and have a relationship with their child or to inhibit the parent-child relationship. Clearly, this money could be better spent on the child!

  20. Just been googling shared cared arrangement plan as that what I think is best for my son now although it all USA studies say that shared cared is in the best interest of child would I be able to put that in my position statement does anyone know

  21. I hope we see a lot of major changes appear to the system. Can we get a copy of the government policies and procedures ?

  22. Has anyone took it to court stating that PA or stopping contact with the other parent is against their child’s human right to see both parents ? I’m sure I read somewhere that they should have access to BOTH parents. If we could get a change to the Human Rights Act for our children then the law would have to filter down. Surely we need to start at the top and work down the chain, and not from the bottom up.

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