Episode 67. Mike Dejong Part 2.


A couple of months ago I had a week where I was unable to release a new episode and thus fell a week behind. Since my conversation with Mike went over the hour mark and was so interesting I decided to release it as a double episode and thus bring me back up to schedule

Mike DeJong is a Canadian left behind father who was alienated from his son Kai in Japan. In order to see Kai, Mike took permanent residency in Japan and tried to fight for access to his son in the Japanese courts.

In this episode we focus on his experience with the Japanese court system and his current relationship with his son. We also diverge slightly into discussing music and politics.

Mike is also a fellow guitarist and song writer, so in this episode we share some of his music and a couple of mutual favourite songs.

##Strong Language Warning##

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Song credits – Mumford And Sons “I will wait”, The Tragically Hip “Ahead by a century”, Mike DeJong “America’s Bleeding”, “It could have been you”

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