Episode 71. To my son Liam on your 16th birthday.

October 19 is Liams birthday.This year as he turns 16 I wanted to do something special for him. I hope one day he hears this episode.

Music credits. REM “Strange Currencies” Pearl Jam “I am mine” Stone Temple Pilots “Song for the sleeping” Pearl Jam “Come Back”

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One Reply to “Episode 71. To my son Liam on your 16th birthday.”

  1. The pain of losing a grandson through the heartless actions of others and on top of that – feeling and seeing your pain, will never leave me.
    I’m so proud of how hard you have worked to get the msssge across on behalf of parents who have been deprived of contact with their children.
    Love you to the moon and back Paul. And Liam, you have been deprived of the best dad you could possibly have ever had. Love and miss you. ❤️

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