Episode 81. ‘Dear Sophie’

I’m very excited to bring you this weeks episode for two reasons. First. For the first time I interview four people at the same time and it actually worked. Second and most importantly I discuss with my guests an amazing new initiative to raise awareness of parental alienation. The ‘Dear Sophie’ song and website.
So with my guests Ray Groundland, Stephen Best, Britizen Kane (AKA Andrew) and Danny Scott, we talk about the hip hop song ‘Dear Sophie’ That was written and performed by Britizen Kane and Danny Scott, the song is about an Alienated Father trying to reach out to his daughter, and very effectively presents events and emotions many alienated children and parents experience.
With the song, the lads have also launched a new website and campaign to bring more attention to Parental Alienation. I’m also very pleased to be able to give you a sneak preview of the song before it’s official release on January 25.
Check out the Dear Sophie website here
For more of Britizen Kane
For Danny Scott Soundcloud and Spotify – Official Danny Scott UK
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4 Replies to “Episode 81. ‘Dear Sophie’”

  1. you could try my old Mckenzie friend that we are still in touch over various matters. He, Mark, has had 2 children from 2 different relationships where both Thai wives stole his children to the uk once obtaining uk nationality and the uk contributing to PA.

  2. Thanks for the post, it’s great to see such a big collection of experiences that people are sharing on here.

    As a new listener (and father of an abducted child), your podcasts are really growing on me because you traverse the issues of abduction and alienation without falling into the trap of becoming bitter about your ex, their countries or women in general. You’ve done a terrific job of articulating what goes on in the world in the humble voice of an ordinary Aussie bloke.

    Like you I’m not a big fan of rap, but it’s good to see how powerful music can encapsulate all of our stories without having to get personal or give too much detail. Thanks for the podcast and thanks to your guests for all of their work. No doubt it’s tiring, but I hope that me stumbling upon your podcast and becoming a regular listener helps you to keep going because it’s an important message and your voice is certainly valued.

    • Thank you for your kind words and support mate. I appreciate it. I’ve had the show on hiatus for a few months but will be back with new episodes soon.

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