Episode 83. 2018 Wrap up Pt. 2. Dr Jennifer Harman

All through January I’m revisiting some highlights of my interviews from 2018. This week I’m playing the full conversation I had with Dr. Jennifer Harman. This episode has been selected for entry into the Australian Podcast awards 2019 as my best episode of the year.
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2 Replies to “Episode 83. 2018 Wrap up Pt. 2. Dr Jennifer Harman”

  1. I don’t feel so alone through this tortuous greif. I’m slowly finding my way out of the fog and can see a light, my two strong boys, Jesse, Caleb, aged 9 and 10.
    Thankyou for this podcast.
    Let’s spread the word and tell our stories. Try everything within our power to undo the damage.
    Stay strong affected parents and children. You are not alone.

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