Episode 86. 2018 Wrap up Pt. 5. Jolly Bimbachi

Back in 2017, I first spoke to Left Behind Mother Jolly Bimbachi about how her boys were taken by their father to Lebanon. Shortly after our conversation she went to Lebanon to see her boys. While there she made a daring escape attempt with the boys with the plan of going across Syria into Turkey. Unfortunately she was detained by ISIS affiliates. This is the story of how she escaped, but unfortunately not with her sons.

This is the second episode that was nominated for an Australian Podcast award. Vote for the show in the popular vote section here

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One Reply to “Episode 86. 2018 Wrap up Pt. 5. Jolly Bimbachi”

  1. Absolutely Amazing, My heart out of my chest for that poor woman risking her life and the reality of no ending with her kids. She and so many others are in my prayers. What else can I do? Tell me. My son is Brazil I haven’t seen since 2010. It’s changed me good and bad. So much to say. I’m so tired

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