Liam Shiratori Paul Brown


Paul’s son Liam was born October 19 2002. But was taken by his mother from Australia to Japan in 2005. Liam has been denied contact with his father ever since (despite numerous attempts by Paul).

Constant denial of contact with Liam has not caused Paul to give up hope of seeing him. Even though at his last attempt of contact he was threatened with arrest. Paul hopes that one day Liam will be able to hear his side of the story and be able to have a relationship with him again.

Paul once said in an interview “I may have lost his childhood, but I hope I can be a part of his adulthood”

This podcast is for Liam and all the other thousands of children who are being denied access to one of their parents.

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  1. My husband and I are very appreciative that our son John was able to use the stories and information in this show in his own court proceedings. Tjhe stories and information you share, the friendships you help promote – it is very exceptional, and is really helping our son both legally and emotionally as he tries to remain a part of his daughters life. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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