LBP Stories Podcast

Episode 28. Holiday Special

It’s the holiday season. And  no matter what your faith or culture is, it’s always a difficult time for LBP’s and alienated children. A time when the absence of those we love is more palpable. While other families take joy […]

Episode 27. Stephen Best

This week I talk to UK Left Behind Father Stephen Best. Who has recently started a website Stephen is blind, and  this limits his ability to have contact with his 2 sons who were taken by their mother from the […]

Episode 24. Amy J.L. Baker PhD

Dr. Baker is a nationally recognized expert in parent child relationships, especially children of divorce, parental alienation syndrome, and emotional abuse of children. Dr. Baker is available as an expert witness and for print, radio, and television interviews. Dr. Baker is a […]

Episode 23. John H. LaDue

This week I talk to LBP film maker John LaDue about his alienation from his Children in Japan, and his movie ‘Mommy or Daddy?’ which is dedicated to raising awareness of parental alienation in Japan. Support John’s movie […]

Episode 22. James Cook

In July 2014,  James Cook’s wife and 4 children went to Japan for vacation with a promise from her to return before school started in August 2014. She has refused to return with the children and James has been forced to utilize […]

Episode 21. Lisa Kennedy

This week I talk to Lisa Kennedy, author of “No Going Back” about her book. “During a routine family holiday to her husband s homeland of Turkey, Lisa Kennedy was suddenly told their marriage was over. Her husband took their […]

Episode 20. Jolly Bimbachi

Jolly Bimbachi kissed her two sons goodbye as they set out for a month-long trip to Lebanon with their father, back in 2015. She gave each of her boys a watch with a note attached, saying: “I love you. We’ll […]

Episode 19. Sarah Brown

This week I talk to alienated mother and domestic violence survivor Sarah Brown, about her battle to be with her girls, and how the Australian courts failed her. TRIGGER WARNING. This episode contains detailed accounts of domestic violence, sexual violence, […]