Paul Brown

Paul Brown, the host, producer and editor (yes a one man band) of LBP Stories. Paul is an LBP himself, his son Liam was taken from Australia to Japan by his mother (Paul’s ex-wife) in 2005 at aged Two and a half. Aside from a brief 2 seconds of eye contact in 2013 Paul has not seen Liam since.

After being largely overlooked by mainstream media, Paul decided he wanted to give something back to the LBP community by providing a forum for them to share their stories. He also hopes this podcast will provide hope, help and assistance to others who are affected by International Parental Child Abduction.

When not working on the podcast and advocating for child/parent rights, Paul is a Science Communicator and self confessed nerd, as well as a guitarist and song writer. He lives with his new Wife, Step Son and Daughter.